Animated shortfilm
Project Overview
The animated short film "Perspective" succeeds in triggering empathy for the protagonist in haunting images. The storystands as a metaphor to illuminate new developments from different perspectives and to keep a level head in the face of change.
Story, Concept, Character Design, Rigging, Animation, Editing
Xenia Eibel

Background Illustration
Alexandra Andrei

Sound Design
Eva Pöll

Anna Wirth
Through exploration of various illustration styles, a distinctive character and environment design was found. The idea was to keep the characters simple, only showing texture when strong emotion is expressed. That way they stand out against the more rough background.
The storyboard was spread out on the floor to refine the storytelling. That way certain scenes were replaced or left out. Through creating an animatic the timing was refined.
After rigging the characters with DUIK Bassel and Joystick'n sliders, the animation process could begin. Especially the movement of the eyes and eyebrows made the characters more lively.

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